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A Few of Our Dedicated Scientists

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Charles Herr

CANBE’s Executive Director and President, Dr. Charles Herr has been an Associate Professor at Eastern Washington University for the past 14 years.  Prior, at the Australian National University and A.B. Technology, he developed cutting-edge reproductive technologies that are now routinely used on domestic species and humans.   He has a complete knowledge of artificial breeding technology and the industry, which he is now applying to endangered species reproduction.  Having grown up in Florida before and during the manmade destruction of the coastal ecosystem, a coast now deemed to be a dead-zone, Dr. Herr wished for a day when he could make strong contributions toward the preservation of nature.

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Brandon Hopkins

Growing up on a lake with thousands of acres of state park forestland just across the street, Brandon Hopkins spent most of his time immersed in a rich abundance of wildlife.  He was instilled with a deep connection with nature during his time there, which compelled him to pursue research in the field of biology.  He is passionate in his concern for the health of populations of endangered species.  Brandon achieved a Master’s degree from his world-recognized research on cryopreservation of frog and honey bee semen.   He continues his research efforts with CANBE as vice-president, successfully creating reproductive technologies for use on a wide range of endangered species.

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Caitlin Valentin

Ever since she received her first microscope at the age of 6, Caitlin has been fascinated by the hidden world that drives the mechanisms inside organisms.  This innate curiosity was a natural fit in the field of molecular biology.  She recently developed a bird sexing assay that requires as few as 6 cells, and can be conducted on a tiny down feather.  Her expertise is essential to further CANBE’s reproductive technologies.  Her quantitative methods, strong organizational skills and public speaking background makes her a perfect fit as CANBE’s Secretary and head of public relations.

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