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CANBE is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation.

Between 60-80% of your donation will go to the area(s) of your choice below The 20-40% remainder will be used for the CANBE infrastructure and daily operating expenses. 

Indicate your choice(s) by entering a dollar amount next to each item. After completing the form, click "Checkout" to proceed. From the checkout page, you can complete your donation securely online or print the checkout page to include with your mailed check.


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  1. Leave it to us to decide...
    which area would best benefit most from your donation.
  2. Build our Facility
    As we grow, so does the need to expand our facilities. Especially now, when we are transitioning from university laboratories and are creating our specialized workspaces; we need support for our facilities.
  3. Honey Bee Research
    The preservation of genetic diversity is important for healthy species. This diversity is rapidly dwindling because of a series of recent plagues affecting honeybees. We work to preserve genetic diversity by developing methods for freezing honeybee semen in liquid nitrogen for long-term storage. We are also working on the cryopreservation of honeybee embryos. These technologies will need to be rapidly implemented. We will do that work also.
  4. Universal Reproductive Technologies
    Developing a wide range of universally applicable reproductive technologies as well as cryobiology techniques. 
  5. Frog Research
    The development of in-vitro fertilization methods. We are also working on sperm and egg collection and cryopreservation for species preservation.
  6. Bird Reproductive Research
    Little research has been focused on endangered species research in avian species. So far, we have developed a rapid molecular-based sexing assay. We have also succeeded in egg transplantation. Further research will create powerful tools for bird reproduction.
  7. Robotic sperm injection
    Often sperm can be stored in liquid nitrogen and when thawed, it is still alive. However, the sperm cells are no longer motile.  We are working on a robotic system to inject the sperm into the eggs. Upon completion, within each hour several thousand eggs will be injected.
  8. Gene Banking
    Storing the genetics of many individuals of a vast number of species.  As more species are becoming endangered and extinct, it is extremely important that we protect and preserve the genetic information we still have before it is too late.  We are currently working on honeybees, fish and amphibians, and will continue with many more species in the future.
  9. Real-world Scale Up
    Dissemination and large-scale implementation of reproductive technologies.
  10. Large-quantity fish semen freezing technology


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