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Summary of Our Philosophy

There is no argument among reasonable people that Earth has undergone extreme manmade changes over the last hundred years. Some are worried that human life will be endangered. Such a threat is needless to motivate us to action: the scientists at the Center for Animals Near Biological Extinction (CANBE). To us, each type of creature is an incredible art form crafted by nature; and, the improbability of such a creature, which is determined by its genetic sequence, is astoundingly remarkable. What can you do to slow down or stop the loss of at least some of these amazing life forms? Help us with your donations. We use every donation directly toward research and implementation of reproductive technologies; and, storing Earth’s genetic heritage. Incredible advances in reproductive technologies occurred over the past 20 years. Unfortunately, these technologies are useful only for domestic animals and humans, and are currently useless for most other species. What needs to be done is to adapt technologies for use on a wider range of species. Also, the methods for storing the genetic information as sperm, eggs and embryos need to be advanced. Then, quickly, these technologies need to be scaled up and implemented. With your help, these are achievable goals.

Earth’s current mass extinction is largely manmade.

Many different activities are necessary to prevent species extinction.

There have already been successes using rudimentary breeding technologies. One famous example is the Florida alligator. Driven to the brink of extinction, commercial alligator farms developed technology to reproduce alligators. By releasing large numbers beyond the period of major predation, alligators were successfully reestablished. Another species that benefited from basic reproductive technologies is the California condor. With better technology, success with condors would have been far more certain. The dilemma with condors, leopards, and other small population restoration efforts is that because they began late, and the surviving population size was small, there is now too little genetic diversity. These creatures will never be as healthy as if the genetic diversity had been protected. If semen samples from many individuals had been preserved before the population declined, this problem could have been successfully avoided. It takes thousands of years to accumulate the genetic diversity of a typical healthy population. CANBE’s approach is to be able to produce large numbers of offspring; but, also preserve and to actively promote the preservation by others: genetic diversity, primarily in the form of male gametes (sperm).

A Few of Our Achievements to Date:

CANBE’s volunteer scientists accomplished these with funding mostly from our gumball machine sales. If we can accomplish all this from a gumball machine, imagine what can be done with your donations. You can make a real difference.



The species richness of Earth is astonishing. Unfortunately, human activity threatens to extinguish many remarkable creatures. The Center for Animals Near Biological Extinction (CANBE) is a non-profit organization that conducts scientific research to develop assisted reproductive technologies useful for the prevention of species extinction. CANBE protects, whenever possible, Earth’s genetic heritage. We share our progress worldwide.